Nightlife of Tel Aviv

4 Reasons Why you should Spend your Vacation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a reputation as one of the most vibrant & full-of-life tourist destinations in the world. From stunning beaches and world-class restaurants & cafés to amazing nightlife and the best hotel in Tel Aviv, the White City offers an undying experience one can never forget. With many charming attractions and things to do, […]
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Beta Hotel in Tel Aviv

6 Must-Do Experiences to Cherish during your Trip to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has everything you need to make your vacations super memorable. The White City of Israel is famous for its unique hotspots, stunning beaches, adventurous beach sports, traditional restaurants, and first-class hotels available in various budget classes. So, how do you define Tel Aviv? According to Loginn Hotels, Tel Aviv is a blend of many […]
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Hearty Breakfast in Tel Aviv

Check out these 4 Places for a Hearty Breakfast in Tel Aviv

From mouth-watering, traditional Yemeni food of Saluf & Sons to classic Eggs Benedict to beachside breakfast dishes, the White City is the home to some of the best Israeli restaurants and cafés to make your morning beatific. Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean Capital of Cool, is the bee’s knees for travelers and vacationers. Whether you want […]
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Planning a Trip to Tel Aviv?

Planning a Trip to Tel Aviv? Where to Stay… From the Tayelet (Tel Aviv coastline) to old Jaffa city and everything in between, Tel Aviv is a gorgeous small Israeli city enriched with historical culture and modern delights. Undoubtedly, the city has a stunning cosmopolitan culture, filled with boutique shops, family-run cafés, a myriad of […]
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What are Autonomous Hotels ?

What are Autonomous Hotels? How are they Replacing Traditional Tourist Hotels? Today, tourists prefer staying in a hotel that gives them a more personalized experience throughout their journey. Gone are the days when the guest experience relied on exceptional staff services, delicious hotel meals, and other amenities. However, Unlike traditional hotels, guests want to self […]
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