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4 Reasons Why you should Spend your Vacation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a reputation as one of the most vibrant & full-of-life tourist destinations in the world. From stunning beaches and world-class restaurants & cafés to amazing nightlife and the best hotel in Tel Aviv, the White City offers an undying experience one can never forget.

With many charming attractions and things to do, Tel Aviv is a place you can easily fall in love with – at first, unwillingly, and then, intentionally. In Tel Aviv, you will find warm, welcoming, and friendly vibes that you won’t experience in any other Israeli city.

The Tel Avivians are party maniacs, but the city itself has a powerful character that doesn’t sum up with just that. The city is home to diverse cultures, art, history, and magnificent spots that you will start hearing voices in your ears to visit Tel Aviv again.

Regardless of being an expensive tourist place, here’s why you should visit Tel Aviv at least once.

Classical tales & traditional art stories

Take a leisure walk down the oldest Tel Aviv Street, Rothschild Boulevard, and indulge yourself in the past of this amazing city. As you stroll by the street, you will find iconic structures and monuments, such as the famous Independence Hall where the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, read the Proclamation of Independence on May 14, 1948.

Another reason people love Tel Aviv is because of its spectacular street art stories. Visit South Tel Aviv and head to Florentine. You will find a mixed population here and the neighborhood is known to be the ‘Hub of Art.’ The city features tons of art museums, art galleries, art schools, and captivating street art. Every nook and street corner expresses the essence of the artistic authenticity of Tel Aviv.

Old City Jaffa – A magnificent, historical enclave by the sea

The gorgeousness of Jaffa city overflows from every angle. Magnificent alleys, boutique hotels, ancient buildings, picturesque landmarks – an itinerary to this historic city provides a stimulating experience. You don’t even have to worry about the accommodation as the city offers an abundance of options to spend a peaceful night. Many Tel Aviv hotels booking services are available online. For instance, Loginn Hotels. They have six autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv located in a quiet place, boasting lush views, away from the city’s nuisance.

What makes Jaffa fascinating is the sunset views from the waterfront and its many narrow lanes where anyone can easily get lost. And if you are staying in Tel Aviv Pixel Hotel, visit the clock tower, a mosque beautified by the sea, and treat yourself to one of the Israeli restaurants. Spend time in mind-blowing parlors and a marvelous airport with outstanding cafés that are ideal for romantic dining.

The Restaurants & Cafés

For food lovers, Tel Aviv is nothing less than heaven. The White City is a hotbed for traditional and modern restaurants spanning the entire gastronomic spectrum. From fine dining to local street food, from far Eastern dishes to Middle Eastern cuisine and Eastern Europe, from American and Australian to African, and so on, Tel Aviv is the hub to experience the best culinary tours.

Don’t think Tel Aviv is all about falafel & shawarma. There’s more, try traditional Israeli delicacies, like shakshuka, schnitzel, sabich, burekas, and more. In Tel Aviv, chefs get VIP treatment, and you’ll find many names being dropped at the table. There’s also this unique service in Tel Aviv where you can pay and have a meal with local Tel Avivians.

Style & Shopping

Tel Aviv may not be about trends and styles (people literally live on a beach, remember?), but you’ll still find many amazing fashion shops around the corner. Tel Aviv is located between the Middle East and Europe — unlike Istanbul on the edge, but the city is quite influenced by the cosmopolitan vibes and laid-back attitude, and thus, knows how to shop.

Although Tel Aviv is an expensive place, if you know the right markets with boutique shops, you are good to go. For instance, visit the popular Carmel Market, a massive marketplace straddled between Allenby and King George that has everything you can think of. From fresh fruits & vegetables to tobacco, to clothing – you can shop for anything under one roof. Surprise your taste buds and grab a bite in nearby street food stalls and boutique cafés or a drink in one of the little cute bars.

Some other marketplaces to soak up a unique shopping experience include Ramat Aviv, Dizengoff Mall, Herzliya Outlet, Azrieli, and Arena Mall. Here, you will get a complete consumer experience, just like in Europe or the USA.

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re planning a trip to Tel Aviv or simply live there, if not sooner, you will eventually build a strong – physical & emotional – relationship with the city. Some people might look at these four reasons as negative (more than half of Tel Aviv is covered with sand, and tourists are constantly sweating!), but Tel Aviv will surely make you fall in love with it.

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