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6 Must-Do Experiences to Cherish during your Trip to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has everything you need to make your vacations super memorable. The White City of Israel is famous for its unique hotspots, stunning beaches, adventurous beach sports, traditional restaurants, and first-class hotels available in various budget classes.

So, how do you define Tel Aviv? According to Loginn Hotels, Tel Aviv is a blend of many things – a hearth-throbbing environment of Berlin, paired with the stunning beaches of the Philippines, delicious cuisine from Jamie Oliver’s cabinet, and a group of hipsters – that’s Tel Aviv.

Over the years, Tel Aviv tourism has undoubtedly reached new heights and become the third most expensive city in the world. However, don’t be startled by the word “expensive.” You can still do many things even when you’re low on budget. Have a look at these 6 unique experiences.

Street Art & Graffiti

Anywhere you go, be it streets or nearby buildings, street art and graffiti are everywhere in Tel Aviv. We mentioned this in the unique experience section because it will help you understand Israeli culture from a different perspective.

Take a tour and discover the abundance of art and graffiti in some of the coolest parts of Tel Aviv. You might want to absorb the charms of Nachlat Binyamin or Florentine. Stroll down the streets of southern Tel Aviv and witness the vibrant graffiti and street art. The local guide will tell you some exciting tales behind this stunning artwork.

Staying in an autonomous hotel

Some of you might wonder why we call “staying in a hotel” a unique experience. Let’s explain. We all pick a place to stay when we visit somewhere.

But have you ever been to a hotel where there is no staff, no chef, and you can enter the hotel with a secret access code? That’s the beauty of Beta Hotel in Tel Aviv by Loginn Hotels. This 22-unit studio aparthotel is what tourists call “Home, Away from Home.”

You can do everything here that you love doing at home, for example preparing your meals. It’s possible to extend your stay up to a month at Tel Aviv Beta Hotel, unlike other traditional or luxury hotels. You should try it at least once.

Visit one of the saltiest lakes – the Dead Sea

About 1.5 hours away from the White City, the Dead Sea is one of the saltiest lakes in Israel, with a percentage of salt by weight is 33%. You can float in it! Apart from the enormous amount of salt, the lake comprises minerals and clay soil, which is excellent for your skin. So, make sure you don’t forget to use the muddy clay on your skin and rinse it off with salty water.

To visit the Dead Sea, rent a car or join a tour group and drive through the desert to the east of Tel Aviv. Once you reach Kalya Beach, you can easily enter the stream. While driving through the desert route, you may find many beautiful spots where you can stop by to eat and click pictures – totally worth the effort. However, you must be quick because the water level goes down quickly.

Enjoy regional dishes in Tel Aviv

Israel is a very colorful company, especially when it comes to cuisines. Each city or region of this mysterious country has its own delicious specialties. Dishes are primarily vegan or vegetarian, paired with fresh fruits and vegetables topped with local herbs.

Gastronomic/culinary tours are the best things to do in Tel Aviv. Track down the famous restaurants for falafel or hummus – whatever you like the most. Go out and try Tel Aviv’s famous sweet pastries. During your culinary experience, you will learn more about Tel Aviv’s historical culture and traditions.

Take a stroll down the Flea Market

Are you a fan of countryside street markets where you can buy traditional, handmade, and antique items? Tel Aviv is a hub of flea markets where every small or big household item is present – from clothing to pastries and handmade antique articles to plants.

The two most famous flea markets near Beta Hotel Tel Aviv are the Jaffa Flea Market and Shuk HaCarmel Market. Even if you don’t want to buy anything – just roam around, watch people, and challenge your taste buds with delicious food. Treat yourself with delicious Israeli cuisine and find lovely souvenirs.

Nightlife at the Concert Hall – Great Synagogue

Live life like a hipster and absorb the typical Tel Aviv atmosphere. Visit the beautiful plaza bordering the Great Synagogue on Allenby Street. After that, refill yourself at Eyal Shani’s Port Said restaurant or surprise your senses at Santa Katarina’s tabun oven. This isn’t all. There are many lively spots around Great Synagogue – discover where the night takes you.


Israel is indeed a paradise for vacationers. From strolling along the beach promenade to tapping your feet on the DJ beats – there are a hundred things to do while in Tel Aviv – the list never ends – that’s the specialty of the White City. Rest assured, the city promises three things for sure – adventure, entertainment, and sightseeing. Everything will leave a memorable impression on your mind. However, we have picked a few good ones that anyone can try, even people on a budget.


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