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How To Add Flavour To Your Tel Aviv Vacation – All The Best Things Discussed

The White City, more famously known as Tel Aviv, is Israel’s most exuberant and alluring city. Famous for its entertainment and performing arts, cuisine, museums, fashion and style, and nightlife, Tel Aviv is the perfect place for people looking to take a break from the monotony of life. It can truly bring out the party person inside of you and show you sides of you that you’ve never seen before.

To keep the excitement-seeking tourists updated with the best spots in town for everything, Loginn Hotels presents a compilation of the best places to visit in Tel Aviv. Loginn Hotels is a chain of best hotels in Tel Aviv which offer the best staycation experiences in the city.

Want to know all about it? Read on.

Satisfy the foodie inside of you – The best places to eat in Tel Aviv

Best Places to Eat in Tel Aviv

Nicknamed “The World’s Vegan Food Capital”, Tel Aviv boasts the highest per capita population of vegans in the world. The food industry is very active in Tel Aviv. In fact, so much so that while visiting famous markets such as Shuk HaCarmel and Levinsky Market, chefs can be spotted buying fresh ingredients for their restaurants. Whether you’re vegan or not, Tel Aviv will always deliver, endlessly. 

When in Tel Aviv, you could try out the following places to treat your tongue to some of the best food in the world:

Dok – Dok is an intimate eatery situated at Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St. 27. Opened in 2015, it is run by the Doktor brothers who are also affiliated with the very successful next-door restaurant ‘HaAchim’. This eatery only uses fresh and local produce. The only thing that the eatery imports is black pepper. Apart from that, all the modern dishes such as charcoal kohlrabi, red tune ceviche, and homemade gravlax are made with fresh produce. The menu is also seasonal. Dok is guaranteed to give you one of the best culinary experiences in Tel Aviv.

M25 – M25 is a remarkable restaurant located at HaCarmel St. 30. Famously known for its versatile and remarkably extensive menu, M25 offers its customers one of the most exclusive gastronomic experiences in Tel Aviv. Its signature Middle Eastern Dishes are loved by all.

Some of the best things to try at M25 are grilled lamb-filled pitas, corned beef sandwiches, and beef tongue, and crack pie. And last but not the least, one of the best things to do at this restaurant is visiting the meat counter, selecting your preferred cut from options like Sirloin, Prime Rib, New York Strip, and several others, and having it grilled in the open kitchen over charcoal. 

Some other honorable mentions include OCD Restaurant, Onza Restaurant, Yaffo Tel Aviv, Popina, and Saluf And Sons. 

Break the monotony of life – A look into Tel Aviv attractions

Tel Aviv features some of the most breathtaking sites. From beaches to cityscapes, Tel Aviv is characterized by its beautiful mix of a relaxed, yet busy life. Some of the major attractions in Tel Aviv are:

The Promenade and the Beaches – Tel Aviv sports the famous Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach, and Banana Beach, amongst others. You’ll find several facilities such as freshwater showers, sun loungers, and sunshades. The promenade or the Tayelet runs along the beach and is at its prime during the evening. It is filled with several cafes and restaurants and is one of the best sights in Tel Aviv during the evening. 

Jaffa – If you are a history buff, this is for you. The acropolis remains in Tel Aviv are a part of the Arab Port Town of Jaffa. Landing here would surely make someone feel like the central character of Assassin’s Creed. Filled with bazaars, flea markets, and diners, Jaffa also sports the St. Peter’s Monastery and the Old Port area. It is 2 km south of Tel Aviv and is a beauty to behold. 

Some other notable attractions are Yemenite Quarter, Dizengoff Circle, the breathtaking Museum of Art, Bialik Street, and Rothschild Boulevard. 

Party enthusiast? Try out these clubs

If you’re a party lover, or just want to hang out with a couple of friends and have a couple of drinks, here are some of the best places to visit in Tel Aviv. 

Spicehaus – There is a reason this bar is named the ‘cocktail bar pharmacy’. Its bartenders dress up like pharmacists and will definitely concoct the best drinks in the best proportions for you. Moreover, for effect, the drinks are served in beakers. Spicehaus is the largest cocktail bar in Tel Aviv, and has the largest collection of drinks too. 

The Pasaz Club – The Pasaz Club is a very laid back, relaxed bar with dim lights, calm music, and live performances, a very relaxing and comforting ambience, and the best range of cocktails to offer. It is ideal for those looking to just peacefully drink and chat with friends. The experience that Pasaz offers is just unparalleled.

Other great places to enjoy the nightlife, have a couple of cocktails, and dance and party with friends are the Valium Night Club, The Prince, Kuli Alma, and Sputnik. Each of these clubs has their own unique experience. While some are famous for their wild dance floors, others are famous for their strong drinks and loud parties. 

Unpack in the best of hotels – We got your stay covered

Don’t you sometimes wish that you’d get a top-notch, highly elegant hotel stay at affordable prices? After all, you’ve got to hold on to those bags to enjoy the rest of your trip as well. One of the best things about Tel Aviv is that it takes pride in being local. From the food to the sights, and the overall experience as well. Then why shouldn’t your stay feel comfortable too?

Giving one of the best staycation experiences, Loginn Hotels works to make you feel like a local. Loginn Hotels is a chain of autonomous hotels, each having its own unique characteristics that are sure to mesmerize you. Notice the similarity between the names and characteristics? Yes, we are delicate that way. 

The Pixel Hotel Tel Aviv, situated at the centre of Bauhaus, offers a very geometric, boxy framework that is sure to appease your eyes. It is bordered by beaches and parks, and also offers relaxing spa facilities. 

The Silicate Hotel in Tel Aviv, situated at walking distance from Bograshov Beach and Jerusalem Beach, and almost 350 metres from the Frishman Beach, offers some of the most serene-looking rooms with highly elegant color schemes and pleasing to look at furniture. It is sure to make your stay feel beautiful. 

Pink And Blondie Hotel Tel Aviv – Characterised by its blend of modern and traditional architecture, Pink And Blondie is right around the Greek and Flea Markets, and a 5-minute walk from the beach. Everything about this hotel is contemporary, yet traditionally artistic. 

The Colorbox Hotel Tel Aviv hotel is situated 250 metres away from Frishman Beach and offers a spot of quiet and comfort. It is in the middle of Tel Aviv and its rooms, quite literally, sport soothing and elegant color schemes combined with a relaxed geometric framework. It’s like The Pixel Hotel and the Silicate Hotel decided to have a kid together. 

The Monochrome Hotel Tel Aviv – Are you a person who likes their room neat and minimal? If yes, Monochrome is for you. The rooms sport a monochromatic design with shades of white, black, and grey to offer a very minimal, yet pretty look. 

Beta Hotel Tel Aviv – Based in the promenade, the Beta Hotel is at one of the best locations in Tel Aviv. Everything about this hotel is very chill and casual. From the rooms to the location, the Beta Hotel offers a very fun, chill, and enjoyable vibe. 

With this, we wrap up the best things to do in Tel Aviv. Know something we missed? Do let us know.

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