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Amazing Facts about the Oldest Residential Area, Jaffa

Jaffa, on the face of it, is an ancient port city in Israel, and a hot spot for any tourists on vacation in Tel Aviv. However, Jaffa is more than just an old town with a couple of forts to admire. It is, and shall continue to be, one of the most historically and culturally engaging tourist spots in Tel Aviv. 

Not only does Jaffa have a rich Islamic, British, and Babylonian history, but it is also the centre of amazing tourist attractions such as the Lighthouse, the Museum of Antiquities, and a lot many places.

With no further ado, Loginn Hotels presents a list of mind-blowing facts about Jaffa, and the places to visit when you’re out on a holiday in Tel Aviv. Hotel Pink & Blondie, Loginn Hotels’ most aesthetically pleasing hotel, is also situated in Jaffa. More on that later. First, let’s explore Jaffa for what it is – the one stop shop for everything a tourist wants on a holiday.

  • History – Jaffa is a city with a lot of historical importance. It has witnessed the Crusades, the Mamluk Period, the Byzantine period, and the Ottoman period significantly. Alexander the Great stationed his troops in Jaffa and Jaffa has also witnessed some epic historic battles such as the Battle of Arsuf, the Battle of Jaffa, and the Crusades themselves! For any culture or history buff, if that doesn’t make Jaffa the most exciting place in Tel Aviv, nothing else will even come close.
  • Cultural and religious significance – Jaffa has its mention in the Hebrew Bible, and has relations with the biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon, and Saint Peter, amongst other things of religious importance. 

So, if you want to explore some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv, the one honest recommendation would be to look for hotels in and Around Jaffa. Loginn Hotels, which has conveniently placed its various hotels throughout Tel Aviv, recommends its hotel Pink & Blondie for anyone who wishes to explore Jaffa conveniently.

A stone’s throw from the bustling markets, the beaches, the Jaffa port, and other major attractions, Pink & Blondie will definitely make touring around Jaffa an entertaining and enjoyable experience for you.

The Story of Andromeda & Perseus

Have you ever heard of the Greek Princess Andromeda who was rescued by the hero Perseus on his flying horse Pegasus? Yes, that one! That story supposedly takes place in Jaffa only. The rocks near the harbour are reputed to be ones where Andromeda was tied up and left to the mercy of the Krakken, the monster which Perseus defeated using Medusa’s head. It is said that the head turned the monster to stone. 

Noah and The Flood

There are various stories amongst various cultures referring to a flood. This flood, which was enormous enough to wipe out mankind, was Noah’s cue to gather a pair of every species on the planet and allow them to repopulate after the flood. Yafet, a son of Noah, is said to have established the town of ‘Yaffa’, more famously known as Jaffa now. Get why we are hyping this town so much? It is filled with MAJOR historical and religious references. It is also the place where King Solomon constructed the Solomon’s Temple. 

And as aesthetically pleasing as Jaffa is, considering its ports, its markets, and its architecture, the hotel you stay in should be perfectly in sync. A rather modern or urban hotel would simply kill the entire vibe. This is why when you consider the best hotels in Tel Aviv, Pink & Blondie does not fail to surprise you. Not only is it a good hotel in terms of location, but the entire vibe of the hotel matches the energy of Jaffa.

Places Worth Visiting

Jaffa is filled with several places worth visiting. The Clock Square in Jaffa has a distinctive clock tower built in the honour of Sultan Abdul Hamid the second. Then there is the Saraya, Andromeda’s Rock (where Andromeda was chained), the Zodiac Alleys, the Jaffa Hill, and the Jaffa Lighthouse. 

The Zodiac Alleys are practically a maze of alleys that lead to the harbour. Assassin’s Creed feels ? Definitely!

A lot of people also don’t know this, but the Jaffa Museum of Antiquities in itself is an Ottoman building that was constructed over a crusader fortress. Does it get more interesting? Yes! It goes on and on.

Apart from these amazing historical monuments, Jaffa boasts the Al-Bahr Mosque and the Monastery of Archangel Michael. It also has the St. Peter’s Church, which was also built on a crusader fortress. Seems like The Crusades did take Jaffa seriously.

And to top it all off, when one gets bored of all the historical and religious places that Jaffa has to offer, they still can entertain themselves in the flea markets and the beaches around Jaffa. The Gordon Beach, the Frishman beach, and the Jaffa beach are some of the many beaches that tourists here can enjoy.


Is Jaffa the best spot in Tel Aviv? No. No place is. Tel Aviv has everything to offer to everyone, and the best depends on each individual’s preferences. But is Jaffa worth staying in ? YES! It is one of the most beautiful spots in Tel Aviv, and in our humble opinion, any vacation to Tel Aviv is incomplete without a visit to Jaffa. 

If you plan on visiting Jaffa, and are looking for the best hotels in Tel Aviv, consider Hotel Pink & Blondie by Loginn Hotels. It is an experience you will cherish for the entirety of your vacation, and possibly your life. At Loginn Hotels, we are always eager to have you in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv!

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