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Check out these 4 Places for a Hearty Breakfast in Tel Aviv

From mouth-watering, traditional Yemeni food of Saluf & Sons to classic Eggs Benedict to beachside breakfast dishes, the White City is the home to some of the best Israeli restaurants and cafés to make your morning beatific.

Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean Capital of Cool, is the bee’s knees for travelers and vacationers. Whether you want to experience traditional gastronomy, cultural heritage, stunning beaches, or find the best hotel in Israel, Tel Aviv is the go-to.

Craving for hair-of-the-dog after a long night of dancing and boozing? Or maybe tofu with scrambled eggs paired with shakshuka and polenta before starting a long day at the office? Or simply a plant-based morning breakfast fix? We’ve got you covered.

You might have an idea why we’re talking about food, right?

No? Because…

Many of us are foodies. If you’re too, your prayers have been answered. This blog is all about restaurants and cafés in Tel Aviv that deliver delicious flavors of this region and would really hit the spot.

Let’s not make your taste buds wait any longer!

4 Breakfast Spots in Tel Aviv, Israel

Benedict, 29 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv

Benedict’s kitchen is all about “what do you eat,” not “when do you eat.” Whether you want breakfast, brunch, or to dine in for supper, Benedict is the best place for you. This fabulous restaurant has 11 branches all over Israel, and the one in Tel Aviv is just a few minutes’ walk from Monochrome Autonomous Hotel by Loginn Hotels.

It’s open 24/7. You can visit it any time, and the restaurant’s host will welcome you and greet you with a smile and “Good Morning” (even at 4:00 AM). The menu has classic and cultural breakfast dishes from Israel, France, Spain, and America.

Let’s help you with some of the sought-after breakfast dishes, like an omelet made with whipped, baked egg dumplings, hot rolls, and green salad. Also, don’t forget to taste Benedict’s famous Egg Balls.

Anastasia, 54 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv

Anastasia is a modern resto-café situated in a beautifully preserved property in one of the panoramic settings of Tel Aviv. It features vegan and healthy food, specifically prioritizing freshness with a broad range of gluten-free choices.

While at Anastasia, get your hands on the famous The Open Table Breakfast. Smack your gustatory system with house spreads – pesto, turmeric tahini, sunflower aioli cream, a vegetable salad consisting of greens, herbs, red onions & lemon dressing, and corn omelets paired with almond milk and homemade bread.

The surprise doesn’t end here. After treating your taste buds with a delicious breakfast, check out the Anastasia factory that serves Tel Aviv residents with home-prepared vegan pastries, cheeses, quiches, and a wide array of items used in meals.

Café Noir, Ahad Ha’Am Street 43, Tel Aviv

Located near Monochrome Autonomous Hotel by Loginn Hotels, Café Noir is an intimate restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv where you can feel the pulse of the White City. Café Noir is famous for its hearty breakfast, bustling lunch, and romantic dinner served in European-styled dining.

For breakfast, surprise your taste buds with large eggs fried with butter and a large cup of coffee. Other unique dishes for early-risers are spicy shakshuka, salads, and pasta. Don’t forget to taste delicious signature schnitzels, and definitely don’t forget to pay extra for a bread basket – it’s worth every penny.

Since the establishment of the restaurant, it has become a second home to a myriad of Tel Aviv natives and a favorite landmark to tourists. And if you want a place to stay near Café Noir, complete your Monochrome Hotel booking at loginnhotels.com because it’s the nearest you can get.

Zorik Café, 4 Yehuda HaMaccabi Street, Tel Aviv

Nestled in the mesmerizing and sunny Kikar Milano, Zorik Café reflects the essence of Israel’s laid-back atmosphere. It is a beloved hangout place for Tel Avivians and vacationers and is super crowded during weekends.

The café offers a number of breakfast options enriched with Israeli traditional and cultural cuisine. Beautifully cooked schnitzels, green salad, and sandwiches can fix your morning perfectly. Enjoy its signature pancakes, the special recipe of Café Zorik paired with delicious beer (only if you love continuing your symposium in the morning.) If you’re health-conscious and like your morning eggs, omelet, or yummy stews with fresh juices, iced coffee, or lemonade, this is the place for you.

Closing thoughts

Are you the one who wants to cherish distinct experiences of Tel Aviv during your vacation? We have listed down the 4 most happening and must-visit breakfast spots. Every restaurant or café we have mentioned dwelt in the most stunning locations near the best hotels in Israel. For convenience’s sake, check in with Loginn Hotels and book one of our autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv.

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