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Check out these 4 Places for a Hearty Breakfast in Tel Aviv Part 2

You must have heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, scientifically speaking, breakfast breaks the overnight fast (hence, the name) and replenishes the glucose levels in the body which boosts our energy levels. 

But for people holidaying in Tel Aviv, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for entirely different reasons. They put you in the holiday mood and ‘replenish your glucose levels’ enough to keep you up the entire day and the entire night as you enjoy every little thing that Tel Aviv has to offer.

Go Out. Explore. Hit The Road!

One of the most beautiful things about Tel Aviv is that it has everything for everyone. From luxury hotels that give you an international holiday feel, to boutique hotels situated in the city that give you the best local feel, Tel Aviv can be a delightful place for everyone. 

And while we are going to mention some of the best places to have a hearty breakfast in Tel Aviv, you can always check out other places for the rest of your vacation to add some spice to your Tel Aviv trip. 

So, while you explore the city and its best breakfast spots, don’t forget to check us out. We are somewhat of a tourist spot ourselves!

Time For Some Delicacies

Tel Aviv has some of the best cafes in the world. Below listed are the top 4 places you could explore for the breakfast of a lifetime:

  • Saluf And Sons

Located in the Levinsky neighbourhood, Saluf and Sons primarily offers traditional Yemeni food. Bread variations inspire its cuisine and they form an integral part of Israeli breakfast culture. The extremely soft Saluf Pita will melt in your mouth and leave behind the taste of all the flavours that it can absorb. 

Apart from bread variations, the Jachnun is yet another breakfast item that will give you nothing less than a foodgasm. The Jachnun is a hot pastry served with tomato salsa and slow roasted eggs. Saluf and Sons also offer a very remarkable Malawach, which is a thick pancake-like flatbread and has layers of puff pastry within. These are just some of the many items that one can try at Saluf and Sons. Some other honourable mentions include Harira, Malabi, and Lahoh. 

Saluf and Sons is located at a mere 20-minute drive from the Colorbox Hotel in Tel Aviv, which is a sea-facing hotel near the Promenade. Now picture this – you get up to a breathtaking view of the sea. You get a cab, and within 20 minutes, you’re having one of the best breakfasts of your life. Feels nice, right? 

  • Lorenz and Mintz

Barely a 15-minute drive from Hotel Colorbox in Tel Aviv, and that too during rush hour, Lorenz and Mintz offers not only great food, but also a lovely garden and quiet interior space. And the best part? You don’t have to move away from the sea. Lorenz and Mintz is located near the Promenade and offers a variety of dishes. 

Some of its best items for breakfast include Kubaneh, Green Shakshuka, Fisherman’s Croissant, and its own three seasonal tapas and a freshly baked bread. The Kubaneh is a traditional Yemenite Jewish bread which is served with tomato salsa and sour cream, coupled with hard-boiled eggs. 

Fisherman’s croissant, on the other hand, is served with pickled lemons, potatoes, sour cream, and harissa, along with a soft-boiled egg. Even mentioning all of this can make anyone’s mouth water. 

  • Cafe Xoho

You know, all that you have seen till now are restaurants and cafes located at convenient distances. What if, we told you that Hotel Colorbox in Tel Aviv not only provides an amazing staycation experience in Tel Aviv, but is also directly next to Cafe Xoho, one of the best cafes in the city? 

Merely at a distance of 100 meters on the very same street, Cafe Xoho offers a very young and trendy atmosphere and food. Its hand-rolled bagels are worth dying for, and the burritos and pancakes can simply sweep you off your feet. 

The internationally acclaimed chefs at Cafe Xoho serve some of the best smoothies in the world, which include almond butter, coconut milk, banana crunch, and several other flavours. The pancakes are topped with mixed berries, maple syrup, and fresh whipped cream. Very close to Gordon Beach, Cafe Xoho is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat in Tel Aviv.

  • Manta Ray on Alma Beach

Although it’s a little towards Jaffa, in proximity to the famous Clock Tower, and a little far from central Tel Aviv, the Manta Ray is located at a 20 minute straight drive from Gordon beach. 

But what makes this restaurant so appealing is that it offers a view as spectacular as the food. Having breakfast while breathing in fresh sea air can be one of the most exciting experiences of anyone’s life. And not just that! 

Manta Ray offers shrimp, asparagus, roasted challah and aioli, boiled eggs with yellowtail sashimi, and several other delicacies that make it unique, and one of the best of its kind. 

This restaurant is a must-try simply because of its unique location and unique choice of food.


Like we said, whether you are staying at a huge, majestic hotel taking in the city feels, or at a beautifully built boutique and best hotels in tel aviv enjoying everything local about Tel Aviv, you will always have something new to explore in the city. 

Loginn Hotels offers some of the excellent accommodations. The Colorbox Hotel by Loginn is a must try if you are seeking to explore all the breakfast spots mentioned above, along with a fresh view of the Gordon beach and beautiful hotel interior. The magic of Colorbox cannot be explained. It can only be felt, and you can only feel it once you visit it for yourself. 

Enjoy your vacation in Tel Aviv and treat yourself to the best breakfast spots of the city mentioned in this list. Happy touring!


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