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Some Major Events and Festivals in Tel Aviv that you shouldn’t Miss

From shimmering beach waves to awe-inspiring food to cultural heritage, Tel Aviv is truly a heavenly getaway for tourists across the world. The vibrant nightclubs of the city offer tourists a range of options to indulge in, such as international DJs spinning marvelous beats, music performances in the neighborhood, and more. The White City is the city that never sleeps.

Let’s talk about Tel Aviv’s famous festivals – from music festivals and cultural events to grand festivities and religious celebrations, there are many festivals in Tel Aviv inviting visitors and locals. If you are worried about hotel Tel Aviv booking services during peak festival season, don’t worry. At Loginn Hotels, we provide accommodation at the six best hotels in Tel Aviv, outfitted with basic amenities.

Here are some major events and festivals in Tel Aviv that you can’t afford to miss.

Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon (February)

This several-course is designed for veteran long-distance athletes. It is celebrated every year throughout Tel Aviv city. Witness full-marathon, half-marathon, Kids Mini Marathon, 10K, and 4K along the Tel Aviv main streets and promenade.

Watch the 42K hand-cycle and wheelchair race for people with special needs. Around 40,000 people participate, keeping the sports spirit alive and making the Marathon in Tel Aviv the most renowned event.

Independence Day (April)

Independence Day, also known as Yom Ha’atzmaut, is celebrated from the night of April 22 to the night of April 23. Various firework displays, shows, and cookouts are arranged.

Locals and visitors can watch the Israeli Air Force show, where cargo planes, helicopters, and fighters fly along the Mediterranean at low altitudes and low speeds.

Many people in Israel seem to start following a vegan diet now. So, an event is organized in Tel Aviv on Independence Day – meat-free mangal. It is a vegan picnic organized in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park. If you are interested in booking one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv, you can easily find one near the HaYarkon Park

Tel Aviv Jazz Festival (May)

The Jazz Festival is organized at Cinemateque. It is one of Tel Aviv’s oldest festivals where Israeli musicians and international jazz elites participate and show their artistic performances every year. From traditional to contemporary artists and from newcomer to professional artists, the festival spans a lot of colorful and jazz-influenced music and other genres. Every performer exhibits a particular style and represents their country in a unique way.

Festivals in Tel Aviv in June – The Jewish Festival of Shavuot

Shavuot is one of the crucial Jewish festivals in Tel Aviv depicting the importance of Jewish history. According to Hebrew Bible, it is the beginning of the harvest season. Everyone in Tel Aviv loves celebrating this festival as there is a holiday on this day. The main food Tel Avivian serves during this event is dairy products (cheese, gummy cheesecakes, and blintzes).

Shavuot is mainly celebrated in agricultural settlements where the ‘first fruits’ are harvested. Locals love going around the rural areas and celebrate this festival with joy. For tourists from other countries, it is a new experience, they enjoy every bit of it.

In June, the White City is flooded with tourists. So, finding the right hotels in Tel Aviv becomes quite a big deal. But don’t worry, at Loginn Hotels, we offer booking services in one of our 6 autonomous hotels. Contact us now!

Gay Pride Week (June)

One of the main highlights of Tel Aviv is Gay Pride Week. The whole month of June is special because of it. After a protracted Covid-19 pandemic, when going out in groups was strictly forbidden, Gay Pride is back and it will be huge!

Moreover, Tel Aviv is unofficially called the gay capital of the Middle East. Tourists from all over the world, belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, flock in and join the parade wholeheartedly.

Gay Pride Week usually runs from 5th June to 10th June and the parade kicks off at Gan Mier LGBTQ+ center. The entire city is decorated. A number of events are held where thousands of people gather around and indulge in gastronomic activities, wave flags, sing, dance, and cheer others. And yes, after parties are there!

Final Words

Your trip to Tel Aviv cannot be completed if you haven’t experienced these rich cultural festivals at least once. We have mentioned a few popular festivals to be a part of, along with the name of the months in which they are celebrated. Read our other blog best time to visit Tel Aviv so that you know the right month to plan your vacation and enjoy the most of Tel Aviv. Some other festivals that you may like to celebrate with Tel Avivians are Tel Aviv Water Games (October), Haifa International Film Festival (Late September), Jaffa Nights (August), White Night Festival (June), and more.

In case you’re seeking the best hotels in Tel Aviv for a long-term stay, feel free to contact Loginn Hotels.

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