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Is it a good time to plan a trip to Tel Aviv in December? 5 Exciting things to do?

Looking for an escape from your daily life by planning a trip to Tel Aviv? You ought to know the right time to visit the city and the best things to do. And if you are still wondering if Israel is the perfect destination for your holiday, look at Tel Aviv. 

The White City deserves every tiny bit of your attention. The beautiful metropolitan areas, the aesthetic cafes, boutique hotels, the old streets of Jaffa, and the mesmerizing beaches can never be enough. 

Tel Aviv is simply stunning, and if you are planning a December vacation in the city, go ahead by all means! 

The Weather – Best Times To Visit

Tel Aviv offers pleasant weather year-round. The weather is fantastic, with a touch of the Mediterranean climate. It experiences some rain occasionally, and sometimes thunderstorms appear once in a long while. 

During winter, i.e., December mainly, the average temperature lies between 10 and 20 degrees. Sometimes, there are hot days, and sometimes, a chill can be felt in the air. But more or less, the weather remains pleasant during the winter. 

However, one thing is to be kept in mind. Because winters come with pleasantly chilly air, they are not a good time to dive into the beach. You can always sit down, bask in the sun, perfect your tan, and have a good lunch while roaming in the warm weather. But even the thought of swimming on the beach on a relatively chilly day can send literal chills down your spine. Avoid swimming, and you are good to go. 

What Else Can You Do?

Well, while Tel Aviv is known for its beaches, it is not just the beaches that are impressive about Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv can be the perfect holiday destination for so many things. Roaming around the old streets of Jaffa, walking on the promenade, exploring the cafes and the museums, and staying in boutique hotels enjoying your stay as per your wishes. 

To help you plan your holiday better, Loginn Hotels has come up with a list of the best things you can do while visiting Tel Aviv in December. 

Visit Jaffa And The Flea Markets

Jaffa is known for its old-school architecture, bustling flea markets, and beautiful cafes and museums that people can visit while in Tel Aviv. Jaffa also has a port used for international trade back in the day. Jaffa is crowned with many beautiful features and has been the centre of several religious and mythological stories and events. 

It has deep associations with Jonah, Solomon, and Saint Peter. Moreover, Jaffa features a rock where it is said that Princess Andromeda was tied as a sacrifice to the Old Gods. This was the rock from where Perseus flew on the flying horse Pegasus and rescued Andromeda from the sea monster Kraken. 

Apart from this, Jaffa also has several museums and cafes. The clock tower is a sight worth seeing, and the restaurants around it offer delicacies worth killing for. The Jaffa Lighthouse is located near the old port, and the Jaffa Museum of Antiquities is constructed over an old crusader fort. All of these things contribute to the historical significance of Jaffa and make it a place worth visiting. 

If you are planning to stay in Jaffa for a part of your holiday, consider Hotel Pink & Blondie, an autonomous hotel by Loginn Hotels. The hotel is conveniently located in the middle of Jaffa and provides a beautiful aesthetic interior to match the Jaffa vibe. 

Walk The Coast

One of the best things about Tel Aviv is its beaches. The beaches provide an entirely immersive environment where you can tan, build sand castles, take in the fresh sea breeze, enjoy the promenade, and indulge in the fresh seafood the various stalls and open cafes offer. 

Some famous beaches in Tel Aviv include Jerusalem Beach, Frishman Beach, Hilton Beach, and the central beach strip. National Geographic labelled Tel Aviv as the ninth-best beach city in the world. 

Hayarkon Park attracts 16 million visitors annually and is the most visited urban park in Israel. The promenade and the beaches play a significant role in attracting customers every year. The Tel Aviv Promenade features highly exhilarating sites, such as London Square, the Sha’ar Le’Yafo Promenade, the Lahat Promenade, and the Hilton Promenade. These are just the various sections of the promenade that run along the coastal area. 

Add A Touch of Aesthetic To Your Stay

Tel Aviv is exhilaratingly beautiful. Its beaches, its cafes, its museums, and all the other sites are incredibly breathtaking. However, to bring that staycation experience to your trip, it is wise to choose a hotel that offers one of the best stays in Tel Aviv. Loginn Hotels is a chain of autonomous hotels spread across various spots in Tel Aviv, offering some of the city’s best amenities and staycation experiences. Our Hotel Pink & Blondie is situated in Jaffa, is strikingly beautiful, and never ceases to stun. 

Try out the hotel chain and make your stay in Tel Aviv a memorable experience. 

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