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Loginn Hotels – Why Tel Aviv Tourists Go Gaga Over Us!

Loginn Hotels is a chain of autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv which offers a really entertaining and fun experience for your holiday. Tel Aviv is all about excitement – the pubs, the discos, the tourist spots, everything is full of life and joy. 

So, why should your hotel be dull and damp, when you can easily get your hands on some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv even if you’re on a budget? It is important that you get the best experience in all aspects, even in terms of your stay. 

Which is why Loginn Hotels offer some of the most memorable staycation experiences in some of the best spots in the city. Our locations, hotels, and services are what people love the most about us. Therefore, we have come up with a list of reasons as to why Loginn Hotels should be your choice of stay in Tel Aviv. 

Autonomous Hotels – The Concept Behind It

Why Tel Aviv Tourists Go Gaga Over Us

Do you really want to pay for bored receptionists and a shitty breakfast? This is one of the mottos and inspirations behind the concept that Loginn Hotels functions on. No one likes to be bound by the rules and regulations of the place they are staying at.

There are breakfast timings and dinner timings and what not to abide by. Wouldn’t you rather wish to be a bit flexible about it? Consider this – you are going to a pub in the evening to chill with your friends. And all of a sudden, you are reminded that you have to be at the hotel for dinner. Wouldn’t it be a total vibe kill?

The concept of autonomous hotels is that the hotel provides you with all the amenities and services, while still letting you retain all the freedom in the world to enjoy your vacation the way you want to. The aim is to give one of the most exquisite, yet local experiences in Tel Aviv. The various amenities included in the hotel are:

  • Television
  • Wireless Internet
  • Air Conditioner
  • Kitchen
  • Heating
  • Essentials
  • Shampoo
  • Hangers
  • Free WiFi

The kitchen ensures that you can try some of the best local items, freshly cooked as per your own taste. You can find a microwave, coffee-maker, fridge, cookware, stovetop, and more. Prepare your own meals – its fun!

Our Hotels

Loginn Hotels is all about keeping your vacation interesting and exciting. Therefore, we have a variety of hotels that offer different experiences to suit everyone’s needs. So, if you’re going for a Tel Aviv hotel booking, consider the following while engaging in it:

  • The Pixel Hotel – It is situated at the centre of Bauhaus and the geometric setup of the room is bound to please any visitor. Located near several beaches and parks, the hotel also offers extremely good spa facilities along with the standard Loginn Hotels amenities.
  • The Silicate Hotel – It is situated near Jerusalem and Frishman Beach. In fact, it is a walking distance from Frishman Beach. Moreover, It offers a very serene, modern, elegant room filled with lively themes and furniture.
  • Pink And Blondie – Pink and Blondie is characterised by its aesthetic, groovy look. It is right around the bustling markets in Jaffa, and offers a very traditionally artistic look.
  • The Colorbox – If the name isn’t enough to let you guess, the Colorbox is a lively hotel with so many bright colour schemes in every spot to give each of your photographs a backdrop worth killing for.
  • The Monochrome – Offering a very minimal design with shades of white, black and grey, the Monochrome has very neatly designed rooms to suit your minimal needs.
  • Beta Hotel – A very chill and casual ambience with a very suitable location near the promenade. What’s there to not like about this hotel ?


When you Google Tel Aviv hotels, you’ll notice that the White City offers hotels at exorbitant prices. But really, budget problems can suck the entire fun out of the vacation. Why would you want to spend on a hotel that you just want to stay in for a while as you make plans for going out? This is where Loginn Hotels comes to your rescue. Loginn Hotels, considering all the amazing things it offers, is still a very affordable, budget friendly avenue for your vacation in Tel Aviv. 

So consider this – you have a wide range of hotels to choose from, all offering different themes, located at different locations, and all of them are affordable. 


If anything can be said about the quality of our services, it can be wrapped up in our promise to you – we will give you one of the most memorable stays in Tel Aviv, and we will definitely match it up with the lively experience that the city has to offer. 


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