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Exploring the Pure Excellence of Evolutionary Turkish Baths A.K.A

Turkish Baths, or Hammams, are not only a place to have a bath (as the name might indicate) but also a method of cleansing, a form of therapy, and a place of unparalleled relaxation.

That feeling of sitting in the bath, allowing the water to work its magic in your body and mind, is truly unmatched and can’t be explained in words.
Turkish Baths are not just a modern development. They have been a highly preferred method of relaxation since historic times. And with developments, several variations have also come into play. This post will shed a lot of light on different variations of Turkish Baths and Hammams and how they have spread worldwide.

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The Evolution of Turkish Baths & Hammams

Turkish Baths, as evidence suggests, have been in prominence since the 8th Century. This means that Turkish Baths have seen development for nearly 1500 years! Their purposes? Notice how we say ‘purposes’ and not ‘purpose’? That is because even in earlier times, Turkish Baths and Hammams served a lot of purposes.

Turkish Baths were in prominence for the following purposes generally:

General hygiene – A bath’s primary purpose, of course, is hygiene. Individuals used the baths to clean themselves of dirt and sweat. Hygiene is the primary purpose behind any bath; the same is true with Turkish Baths and Hammams. Moreover, kids love Hammams. It is a healthy practice to shower daily!

Social Interaction – Some cultures had corners and alleys as a place of social interaction. Some cultures allowed such interactions in other public setups like markets and bazaars. Turkish Baths were an accepted place of social interaction in the Middle East. Imagine being a person in medieval times — you go to a bath, sit down, relax, share space with several other men, and discuss topics like politics, economy, places to wine and dine, networking, and trade.

Relaxation – The most important purpose. Apart from bathing and socialization, Turkish Baths offer unparalleled peace. This is because of their extensive setup, which shall be discussed in detail below.

Over the centuries, Turkish Baths have come to have different variations. The most ancient Muslim bathhouse was spread throughout Central Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Ottoman Empire.
One such variation, the Victorian Turkish Bath, gained prominence during the Victorian area and is spread throughout the British Empire, the United States of America, and Western Europe

The processes varied from region to region

Traditionally, Hammams could also be a place of entertainment, with food and other things to be shared. Weddings, childbirth, religious holidays, and other festivities also included visiting the Hammams. Sometimes, even marriages were set up in Hammams by way of socialization, after which the ceremonies were conducted elsewhere.

A hammam typically features a pestemal and a kese. The peshtemal is a cotton or silk cloth used to cover the body and the kese is used for scrubbing. Again, with variations, the bathhouses could also include jewel boxes, perfumes, mirrors, henna bowls, and soap boxes.Even the massage is of a particular type. It is not the soft, mellow massage usually given. It is characterized by joint cracking, muscle kneading, and twisting. It is the sort of massage that will leave you with pleasant after-effects.

However, with time and development, even the massage trends have changed. Now, Hammams also offer different types of massages similar to those provided by a spa. if you want a more culturally appropriate setup, it is better to go for the traditional Hammam massage. Not only does it offer good relaxation for the joints, but combined with the bath, it gives one of the best experiences ever felt by individuals.

Setup of A Hammam/Turkish Bath

The hammam features a unique setup. Not only is it aimed at making the main bath a pleasant experience, but it is also equipped with traditions and features that prepare an individual mentally and physically for the bath.

After adorning the pestemal, an individual proceeds into hotter rooms where perspiration is induced. This way, the body’s toxins are removed by sweating. Then, the individuals either wash themselves or are assisted by the staff members with soap and rubbing. After the wash, the individuals immerse themselves in pools, relaxing and letting water therapy do its magic.

In some cultures, primarily the Islamic culture, the individuals immersed themselves in running water instead of standing water. Such was a requirement of Islam. However, regional differences and developments have led to the popularity of bathing in the pool instead of using running water.

The general setup, standard across regions and cultures, includes the changing room, the cold room, the warm room, and the hot room. In Turkish, these are known as camekan, sogukluk, iliklik, and hararet, respectively. Any individual going to a Turkish Bath or a hammam must go through all these places in order.

The chambers are usually domed ceilings, which provide a beautiful view. Usually, the domes have small holes to allow sunlight inside the hammam. If there are no holes, the domes would be equipped with skylights. This setup allowed excess steam to escape.The changing room itself was highly decorated.

Going For Turkish Baths on Holidays

The best stuff you can do on holidays is treat yourself to a Turkish Bath. Not only will it add to the much-needed relaxation, but it will also be a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that metropolitan cities can never offer.

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