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Tel Aviv–the city of Life & Energy

Tel Aviv, the so-called cultural and commercial capital of Israel also known as the Mediterranean capital of cool. It is accompanied by plenty of scenic beaches, delightful weather, and wild nightlife the city offers a chill aesthetic vibe which is being loved by a lot of tourists now. Not only this, the city is the financial and technological hub of Israel which attracts thousands of tourists every year for its startups and business opportunities. 

It is undeniable that the city possesses a sophisticated culture along with an adventurous aura. The city has long stretches of sandy beaches, prominent museums, and restored neighborhoods such as the ancient port of jaffa, Neve Tzedek, and the White City which has architectural-style buildings and a welcoming local population make Tel Aviv a city worth exploring.

The best way to explore the city fully is by spending a vacation here. With pleasing Tourist spots, it becomes equally essential to have an equally captivating place to stay. Additionally, Finding the best hotels in Tel Aviv can be exhausting.

We are here to liberate you from stress! No matter whether you are on a trip with your friends, family, or spouse. Whether you want to stay for a short weekend or a long vacation-Loginn Hotels, a chain of autonomous hotels is at your help. We ensure a different experience than other traditional hotels.

Let’s see further, what Tel Aviv City has to present to its tourists.

Tel Aviv- the aesthetic center of Israel

Tel Aviv, the aesthetic center of Israel

The city is becoming familiar due to its diversity and richness. While going around the city you’ll find a lot of stunning beaches, and interesting local attractions such as the Dizengoff Centre, Itzhak Rabin Memorial, and Mier Park along with the Concert halls, theatres, and dance centers. 

The place is rich in heritage and culture. Therefore it has museums and galleries to depict its history. Tel Aviv has also received  World Heritage Status for its White City which has Rothchild Boulevard in the heart of the city. It possesses the world’s largest collection of Breathtaking Buildings. 

If you are fond of exploring the heritage and a lot more about a new city Tel Aviv is the right place for you. Look for the best Hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel near the places you have on your mind to visit.

The Energizing Beaches

Energing Beaches

There is something different about a city that has long stretches of sandy beaches along with skyscrapers. The City has nearly 10 miles of sandy seashores which means it does not have one or two it has 16 beaches. The best part is each one of the beaches is unique in some or the other way. A few of them are Frishman Beach, Jerusalem Beach, Gordon Beach, etc.

If you are fond of spending a lot of your time on beaches Loginn Hotels helps you with this. It provides you with Pixel Autonomous Hotel booking at affordable prices. The hotel is surrounded by stunning beaches just within walking distance.

Tel Aviv’s Myriad Markets are worth getting lost in them

Tel Aviv Markets

An incredible way of spending your whole day without getting monotonous is in the markets of Tel Aviv. Nachlat Binyamin Market showcases exquisite handicrafts made by local artisans. It’s the perfect place to pick up a unique memento that looks like it has your name engraved. The open-air Carmel Market is the city’s largest, with hundreds of vendors selling everything ranging from electronics to clothing to homewares. Not only this there is a must-visit shopping mall with a theatre, restaurants, a swimming pool, and one of the first newly opened.  

Just at 15 minutes drive from the market, Loginn Hotels offer you a pleasing stay at a beautifully structured Pixel Autonomous Hotel, a 36-room autonomous hotel in Tel Aviv. It is equipped with many amenities, such as a beautiful rooftop with a finger dip pool, vending machines, and a lot more. Pixel Autonomous hotel bookings also allow you with flexibility in check-ins/ check-outs.

Mouthwatering Food

Tel Aviv Food

You can have the real treat in Tel Aviv that not only fills up your tummy but also satisfies your soul. The City has an astounding food section. Spices, fresh ingredients, and unique flavors blend to make it a delicious dish. It has an extraordinary selection of freshly produced foods and spices. There is an incredible collection of international foods and spices along with Israeli wine at Sarona Market. Tel Aviv is known for its international cuisines especially Israeli and Middle Eastern Restaurants are worth a visit.

You can look for some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv to satisfy your tastebuds regularly and have all the delightful cuisines just within walking distance.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Nightlife

Roaming around the city for whole day sightseeing and exploring different places is not what you call a vacation in Tel Aviv until you experience the wild nightlife of this city. Nearly around 10 pm, the main streets of the city are full of happy people with smiling faces enjoyably going on their way to hit their first bar or nightclub. There are featured live DJs with art exhibitions.

If you are not a party personality you can look for some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv on the streets so that you don’t have to worry about going to a hotel that is quite far away.


Tel Aviv is an extraordinarily pretty place to spend a vacation. It has a lot to explore. Exploring can be more fun when you have a comfortable, hygienic, and budget-friendly place to stay . For that Pixel Autonomous Hotel can be the most suitable according to your needs . Also, every worth exploring place is within the reach of a nearly 15-20 minutes ride from the hotel.


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