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Tel Aviv’s Beaches – A sight to Behold

Aiming for an unforgettable vacation at Israel’s most popular destination i.e. Tel Aviv? It is no secret that the city is vibrant and full of new experiences. Along with numerous cultural and historical sites, the beaches are beautiful enough to catch hold of your attention for a long while. Everyone is fond of beaches be it young tourists, wanderlusts, honeymooners, family, or any other kind of traveler.

Tel Aviv has a collection of some of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. The magnificent blue waves, long stretches of sand, and upbeat energy of Tel Aviv’s beaches are incomparable. The beaches are the most natural way of having fun in the city. Isn’t it satisfying? After having an enjoyable day at the beach you can peacefully relax at the hotel.

Also, choosing among the best hotels in Tel Aviv can be an overwhelming task, especially near a beach. A hotel that provides you with a clean, hygienic environment along with fully equipped rooms. 

Loginn Hotels, a chain of autonomous hotels provides you with a fully unique and unforgettable experience as compared to those of traditional hotels. At our autonomous hotels, you can also satisfy your hunger by cooking yourself or by having a post-beach meal in one of the best Tel Aviv cafés and restaurants with ready-to-serve Israeli to Italian delicacies.

Let us dive deep into some of the local beaches of Tel Aviv 

Mezizim BeachMezizim Beach

Mezizim Beach is among the beaches of Tel Aviv with white sands, turquoise waters, and stunning views of the surrounding city. Swimming is permitted on the beach, and you can even sit under a parasol and watch the beautiful sunsets that have captivated visitors for years. 

Especially in the summer, it gets crowded at Mezizim Beach. So if you want to enjoy the view, visit before sunrise or after sunset. Volleyball and paddleball are popular beach activities.

The beach is located on the south side of the Tel Aviv port. It contains a lot of sports facilities, a playground for children, a beach library for borrowing books, and many other attractions that make it one of the most fascinating beaches in Tel Aviv.

After spending a day full of fun at the beach, having a nearby hotel would be the biggest satisfaction. 

Loginn Hotels provides some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv which are there to provide you with some of the best, unforgettable experiences throughout your vacation.

Charles Clore Beach

Charles Clore Beach

Charles Clore Beach, a famous tourist spot, is just a few meters away from Hotel Pink & Blondie and is known for its soft golden sand, turquoise waters, and a backdrop of skyscrapers. 

The beach is right next to Charles Clore park. The 500-meter-long beach is within walking distance from the park. Upon arrival, you’ll have views of the historic city of Jaffa. 

The beach is situated on the city promenade. A short walk along the city takes you to Tel Aviv’s other dream beaches in no time. If you want to travel by bike, you can rent one directly on the beach. The sunset view from this beach is amazing.

There is a large playground and a meadow park which can be used as picnic or barbeque spots. You can also enjoy typical Israeli foods here.

Banana BeachBanana Beach

Banana Beach is a charming destination in Tel Aviv which is just a few minutes away from Monochrom hotel by Loginn Hotels.

Banana Beach is one of Tel Aviv’s most famous beaches that draws thousands of tourists to its sands every year. The beaches here are well known for swimming, and you can even play volleyball on the sand. Those who don’t want to participate in the activity can relax with a cool drink under an umbrella and watch others walk along the sandy beach. Along with having a lot of fun at beaches, staying at an equally comfortable and unique place is like a cherry on the cake. 

Loginn Hotels allows a memorable experience, as it offers quiet accommodation, with fully equipped bedrooms near Banana Beach. 

Additionally, they also provide kitchens equipped with stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and utensils that allow people to cook by themselves as per their choice. They aim to provide a homely experience even at hotels.

Gordon BeachGordon Beach

Tourists and locals in Tel Aviv somehow always find their way to Gordon Beach, which is understandable. The mesmerizing sea colors and soft sand make this beach a must-visit destination. For sports enthusiasts, there are volleyball nets on the beach and kitesurfing, but visitors often come here for the breathtaking sunsets. Numerous restaurants and shops are available to satisfy food lovers while enjoying the beach scenery.

During the spring and summer seasons (April to October) lounge beds and chairs can be rented and there are many vendors selling ice cream, soft drinks, and cold beer. The promenade is a great place for people to gather during the summer season, with a variety of activities held day and night. This beach is atmospheric, clean, safe, and well-maintained. Facilities include manicured lawns, beach benches, shower facilities, and changing rooms.

Apart from so many other attractions, the beach is situated around some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv.

Closing Words 

Tel Aviv beaches stretch along the entire western edge of the city over the years, from historic Jaffa to the North Harbor near Hayarkon Park. Therefore it’ll be difficult to choose which beach you must visit. Whether you want to soak up in the summer sun, take advantage of the rugged winter weather to catch some waves, or jog along the Tayelet. Besides visiting these beaches make sure you discover other Israeli beaches, attractions, and restaurants, during your stay.

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