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What are the Things To Do In The White City, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a very chilled, welcoming, and entertaining summer destination. It offers a lot of things to do, such as visiting beaches, admiring cityscapes, biking around the old towns, and visiting fast-paced markets. 

To get the most out of Tel Aviv, Loginn Hotels has come up with a list of things you can do in the White City. This list will not only introduce you to the best tourist spots in Tel Aviv but will also help you plan your vacation and select your tourist spots accordingly. 

The City Tour

Tel Aviv City Tour

Tel Aviv is a beautifully built city, featuring modern architecture and old, historic buildings. The city has a lot to offer in terms of tourist spots. Some of the most famous destinations in Tel Aviv city include:

  • The Tel Aviv Museum of Art – The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the largest museum in Tel Aviv. It features a plethora of local and international works of art. It is located at a very nice square in Tel Aviv, which in itself is an amazing spot for beautiful, lively photographs.
  • Bialik House – Bialik House is a small museum dedicated to Hayim Nahman Bialik, the most famous Israeli poet. It is a lovely building that offers a lot of information for history and poetry buffs alike.
  • Rothschild Boulevard – Rothschild Boulevard is one of the most famous spots in Tel Aviv and is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. Named in honor of Baron Edmond James De Rothschild, it is a part of the White City of Tel Aviv. Its avenues are designed so beautifully because the municipality held an architectural competition to do so. Moreover, it features various art galleries and is also a financial center.
  • Habima Theatre – Habima Theater is the national theatre of Israel. It is one of the first Hebrew language theaters and is located in Habima Square. Built in the brutalist style of architecture, the Habima theater employs nearly 80 actors and 120 staff members who contribute to its grace and art.

Loginn Hotels offer a staycation experience at various spots in the city, using a wide range of hotels, to make it convenient for tourists to pick out their preferred spots and plan their city tour accordingly.

Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa

The town of Old Jaffa is a mind-blowing place to visit in Tel Aviv. It forms a part of the greater Tel Aviv area and has some of the best sights to offer. Ranging from the Flea Markets to the Wishing Bridge, and from the Andromeda Rock to the Al-Bahr Mosque, Old Jaffa is a greatly beautiful place. 

The Flea Markets are filled with artistic products that the sellers are more than eager to sell. Andromeda’s Rock is said to be the place where Princess Andromeda was chained to the rock for Poseidon to punish her, using the Greek monster – Kraken. It is believed that she was saved by Perseus, who flew on Pegasus and saved her from certain death at the hands of the sea God. Apart from this, the town of Old Jaffa also offers the sights of the Clock Tower, the Wishing Bridge, and the Al-Bahr Mosque. 

Another thing that can be enjoyed in Jaffa is the lineup of cafes. Jaffa offers some of the best food in Tel Aviv, and its fabulous restaurants are a must-try.

Loginn Hotels offer a very comfortable stay near the town of Old Jaffa which makes it convenient for tourists visiting the town.

The Pubs And Bars

Tel Aviv Pubs and Bars

Tel Aviv is famous for its pubs and bars. It has a very active music and clubbing scene, and the buildings are highly charming despite being decadent. It can offer a great night-out experience to any tourist. Bars like Florentine, Lev’Hair, Sputnik, Bellboy, and Imperial Cocktail are highly recommended. 

Moreover, the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv are perfect for an evening walk and hanging out. They feature cute coffee shops and a very serene exploration experience. 

And Finally, The Beaches

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv has a lot to offer. In fact, Tel Aviv has more to offer than any other tourist spot currently, making it one of the most expensive tourist destinations. But it is crowned by the beaches that bless the city with their Mediterranean waters. To escape the hot temperatures, Tel Aviv’s beaches are the best place to go.

Tel Aviv is blessed with famous beaches such as Hilton Beach, Jerusalem Beach, Gordon Beach, Bograshov Beach, and several more. In fact, Tel Aviv has more than 10 beaches for people to visit. And each beach has its own vibe and appeal. What’s best about the beaches are the shacks and cafes lined up along the coast. 

Loginn Hotels yet again come into play to save your day when it comes to a convenient visit to the beach. The Beta hotel in Tel Aviv is located at the Promenade near the Jerusalem Beach. This hotel offers well-furnished studio apartments and several amenities such as Wi-Fi, refrigerators, kettles, etc. Considering the location of the beach, the hotel is highly conveniently placed and offers breathtaking views. 

The Conclusion

All in all, Tel Aviv is filled with tourist spots to visit and places to see. Any visitor can easily map their plans for a vacation to Tel Aviv. To make it more convenient for tourists, Loginn Hotels takes away the responsibility for your hotel Tel Aviv booking services to stay in accordance with your itinerary. Because the hotels are strategically lined up near all the famous spots, you can always consider Loginn Hotels for any tourist destination which appeals to you the most. 

With this, Loginn Hotels hope that your stay in Tel Aviv becomes one of the best holiday experiences you’ve ever had. And with humility, we wish to add to it in our own capacity. 

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