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What are Autonomous Hotels ?

What are Autonomous Hotels? How are they Replacing Traditional Tourist Hotels?

Today, tourists prefer staying in a hotel that gives them a more personalized experience throughout their journey. Gone are the days when the guest experience relied on exceptional staff services, delicious hotel meals, and other amenities.

However, Unlike traditional hotels, guests want to self check-in/ check-out, prepare their own meals with minimal to no interaction with human staff, etc.

Such facilities are provided by an Autonomous hotel – a fully-equipped hotel designed to be used by guests independently. In an autonomous hotel, guests possess a large degree of self-governance.

The rooms of autonomous hotels are well-furnished along with facilities like kitchenettes, private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, and more. Guests are provided with basic infrastructural services, such as electricity, gas grid, water supply, and waste treatment.


Benefits of Autonomous Hotels against Traditional Hotels

A budget-friendly option for large groups

An autonomous hotel has several rooms called spaces, perfect for tourists travelling in large groups. It is the most cost-effective option for accommodation.

For example, the Monochrome autonomous hotel by Loginn in Tel Aviv consists of 13 beautifully organized rooms. Each room is well-furnished and has a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and a kitchenette – a perfect place to spend quality time with relatives and friends.


Kitchenettes to prepare meals

Staying at Pixel autonomous hotel in Tel Aviv? A memorable part of spending a vacation at an autonomous hotel is you get a kitchen where you can prepare delicious meals for your family and friends and store leftovers in the refrigerator.

The benefit? You get home-cooked, hygienic meals and cut dining costs that can eat into your budget. Besides, you get the fun, enjoyment, and privacy that restaurants can’t provide.


Say goodbye to waiting queues

The best benefit of staying in an autonomous hotel in Tel Aviv is that the hotel staff will send you an access code after you’re done booking. This access code can be used to enter your room without interacting with any staff member.

Israel is one of the most famous countries to welcome tourists from all over the world. After a long-distance journey, the last thing guests want is to stand in a line for check-ins. Therefore, every autonomous hotel by Loginn in Tel Aviv provides tourists with access codes in advance of their arrival.



Typically, your furry friends are not allowed in a hotel, even if they are, there are a myriad of restrictions. For example, pets can stay for an extra fee, only dogs are allowed (no cats), only pets under 40lbs can stay, etc.

If your fluffy is travelling with you to Tel Aviv, you must know the ideal place to stay. Check out autonomous hotels by Loginn. They are in the best locations – near the seaside, with vibrant city views, beautiful parks for you and your canine companion to have fun at, and more. Your pet can stay free of charge.

For heads up, have a look at Beta Autonomous Hotel, Pink & Blondie Autonomous Hotel, and Silicate Autonomous Hotel by Loginn. They are set in the perfect locations in Tel Aviv that you and your pet will love.



Long story short, tourists prefer a more personalized and smoother experience during their stay, and autonomous hotels provide them with just that. They are affordable, pet-friendly, and spacious with contactless check-in/check-out facilities. Even the cancellation policies are flexible and fully refundable, unlike most traditional hotels.

So, if you are visiting Tel Aviv and looking for a “home, away from home” place, contact Loginn Hotels. We have six autonomous properties, each consisting of several spaces and basic amenities. Spend long vacations with us in one of our hotels and weave some unforgettable moments.

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