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What is the Best Time for Tourists to Visit Tel Aviv?

Tourists often wonder – when is the best time to visit Tel Aviv? While every month of the year is great to plan your trip to Israel and explore the Holy Land, Tel Aviv, the ideal time of your journey depends on the type of trip you’re planning.

Do you want to relax, sunbathe, or maybe indulge in fascinating sports on a beach? Or perhaps splash out on some dynamic culinary tours? Or maybe wish to immerse yourself in a cultural heritage-themed tour? The thing to bear in mind is that every reason for vacationing in Tel Aviv is more legitimate than the other.

However, different seasons have different events, holidays, and weather – that will significantly impact your trip. But if you already know when is the best time to spend your holidays in Tel Aviv, you can make your trip memorable.

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Summer in Tel Aviv – Sunbathe, Surf, and Relax on Stunning Beaches 

Are you a beach lover? If you need your daily dose of happiness, the beach is the place. Get yourself a sunbathing chair and spend some leisure time on one of the many beautiful beaches. Summer is the best time to visit beaches and witness roaring temperatures and clear skies. Almost everyone, tourists and local Tel Avivians, wait for this season to hit the beaches together and celebrate summer. Between June and August, the beaches are flooded with people basking in the Sun, eating Israeli seafood, and playing beach volleyball and other sports.

In Tel Aviv, people just can’t stay still. You’ll find beach-goers dart about playing beach tennis, popularly known as matkot in Israel. Along the promenade are community gyms and family-run restaurants where traditional Israeli food is served. If you’re a water sports lover or want to try one, you can easily rent equipment and surf your way into the water. Take a look at our blog on local beaches in Tel Aviv for more information.

Key events:

  • Tel Aviv Eat – a food festival to honor the traditional food of Israel (May)
  • Tel Aviv Pride – an important one-week-long event to support the LGBT community (June)
  • White Night International Festival – organized by the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa (June-July)

Spring & Fall – The best time for touring Tel Aviv

Spring is the perfect season to gratify your senses and relish the most peculiar highlights of Tel Aviv. The weather is breathtaking between March and April. Tourism is quieter during spring, so it’s a great time to visit Tel Aviv’s most charismatic tourist spots without experiencing tumult. The most exciting thing about spring is that you can get accommodation at much cheaper rates than during summer. For example, enjoy the most of your journey by staying at the Pink & Blondie Hotel Tel Aviv – a comfortable, affordable, and quiet hotel, long haul to the city’s nuisance.

Key events:

  • Purim – the Israeli equivalent of Halloween (February or March; varies by year)
  • Fresh Paint – a contemporary art fair (April)
  • Israel Independence Day (April)

Winter – The second busiest season in Tel Aviv for tourism

Planning a trip to Tel Aviv between December and February sounds great since it hardly gets very cold ever. Winters are sunny and nights are cooler. In December, you might end up befriending many Christian tourists because a lot of people around the world come and spend their Christmas vacations in Tel Aviv. However, you might want to cancel a beach visit because of the cool weather, but still, you can take a stroll along the beach rather than spread-eagle on the sand. Moreover, be prepared for unexpected drizzling as this is also Tel Aviv’s rainy season.

Since it’s the second busiest season in Tel Aviv, expect a spike in hotel prices. Make sure you book your accommodation at least a month before so that you get a hotel at an affordable price. A little head-start for tourists traveling from other countries – book your stay in advance in one of the autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv by Login Hotels.

Key events:

  • Hanukkah – the most important & beautiful festival of Jews (December)
  • Christmas – a well-known festival across the world (December)
  • New Year – lots of special parties & events are organized (January)
  • Tel Aviv Jazz Festival – performance of Israeli & international artists (February)


Tel Aviv is truly a paradise for vacationers seeking a fun-packed itinerary filled with adventures and panoramic sights that help them leave all their worries behind. We have listed all the possible reasons we could think of and weather conditions according to the time of the year to help you organize your trip wisely. Experiencing the serene beauty of Tel Aviv is different every season. So, no matter which season you plan your trip, sightseeing, adventure, and exploring is guaranteed.

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