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There is nothing wrong with experiencing the finest things in life, and luckily, Tel Aviv has A LOT to offer. From magnificent shoreline beaches to historical streets & buildings, bustling nightlife to flea markets, and more, Tel Aviv provides an endless string of unbeatable joy.

 So, why not request excellent things during your excursion to Tel Aviv? Every year, vacationers from all over the world come to this dream tourist place and spend leisure time with their friends and families. Tel Aviv is equally famous among solo travelers and couples.

People often wonder… What are the best hotels in Tel Aviv to stay in –– an accommodation that fits their needs, interests, and budget? Although many options are available from luxury and boutique hotels to guest houses and youth hostels, staying in an autonomous hotel offers a unique experience. So, kick back and relax and check out 6 autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv by Login Hotels.

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Where to stay in Tel Aviv?

Today, tourists want a more personalized experience. Unlike traditional accommodation, guests want to make their stay unique – rooms with kitchenettes, contactless check-ins/check-outs, self-meal preparations, long-term stays without interruption, pet-friendly, and more. Such facilities are provided by our autonomous hotels. Here are our best hotels in Tel Aviv that will make your stay worth every penny.

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Pink & Blondie Autonomous Hotel, Beit Eshel St 24, Jaffa

Boasting the lush Mediterranean views, only 250 meters away from the beautiful Alma Beach Pink & Blondie autonomous hotel locates in the Jaffa district of Tel Aviv. The two-colored hotel features a panoramic terrace and multiple rooms equipped with basic amenities.

Best Hotel in Tel Aviv
Silicate Autonomous Hotel, Ben Yehuda St 34, Tel Aviv

Featuring 30 well-furnished, soundproof spaces, Silicate autonomous hotel is one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv surrounded by magnificent beach views. The property is positioned a stone’s throw away from Jerusalem and Bograshov Beach.

Pixel Hotel Tel Aviv
ColorBox Autonomous Hotel, Ben Yehuda St 67, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv, nearby Frishman Beach, the ColorBox autonomous hotel is a one-colored building featuring 13 well-furnished, clean rooms. Every room has a flat-screen TV, an air conditioner, a private bathroom, and a kitchen.

Autonomous Hotels in Tel Aviv
Monochrome Autonomous Hotel, Montefiore St 27, Tel Aviv

Monochrome autonomous hotel is a 13-unit building with kitchens and a minibar. Located in a quiet place on one of the oldest streets of Tel Aviv, the property is a walking distance away from Rothschild Blvd. The hotel imparts mesmerizing vistas of street markets and beaches.

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Pixel Autonomous Hotel, Harav Reines St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Highlighted among top hotels in Tel Aviv, Pixel autonomous hotel has 36 beautifully designed spaces, a spa, a small pool, and a Turkish bath. You can find our hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv near the stunning Frishman Beach and the famous Carmel Market.

Beta Autonomous Hotel in Tel Aviv
Beta Autonomous Hotel, 21 Ben Yehuda Street, Beach Area

A walking distance from The City Garden Mall, the Beta autonomous hotel is based in Promenade, a stone’s throw away from Jerusalem Beach. The hotel has 22 studio apartments with panoramic balconies and galleries overlooking lush views of the beautiful Tel Aviv neighborhood.

Why Choose Loginn Hotels as your Hotel Partner

Loginn Hotels is a leading autonomous hotel chain in Tel Aviv, with each of our 6 hotels showcasing its awesomeness and unique personality in its own way. We offer style and class without breaking our client’s banks. Our properties are fiercely positioned in the wonderful locations of Tel Aviv, where the most famous restaurants, museums, parks, flea markets, and tourist attractions are within a walking distance. Reaching any of our hotels in Tel Aviv is easy. The closest airport is Ben Gurion Airport and the nearest train station is Ha’Shalom Railway Station.

Some of the Basic Amenities our Hotels Provide :

Unique Places to Visit & Things to do in Tel Aviv

Gordon Beach

It is the busiest place surrounded by the various hotels in Tel Aviv overlooking the panoramic sunsets. The heart-hacking views, soft sand, and startlingly intense sea color – you wouldn’t want to miss out on something so mesmerizing. You will find the best cafés and restaurants on Gordon Beach, serving seafood, salads & sandwiches, and traditional cuisine.

Suzanne Dellal Center

Situated in the heart of beautiful Neve Tzedek, Suzanne Dellal Center is popular for Israeli and international dance performances. It is home to one of Israel’s most renowned dance groups, the Batsheva Dance Company since the 90s. Watching a hearty dance performance and dining in one of the nearby restaurants make a fantastic night out.

Rothschild Blvd.

Take a memorable stroll down the most elegant tree-lined boulevard and embrace the class architecture of Bauhaus. From historical museums and contemporary restaurants to vibrant bars and nocturnal spots, Rothschild Blvd. is an ideal spot to discover some of the unique charms of Tel Aviv. You’ll be moseying like a Tel Avivian before you know it.

Old City of Jaffa

Jaffa is a historical and magnificently stunning city enclave by the sea, featuring marvelous alleys, ancient structures, boutique hotels, and picturesque landmarks. A jaunt to the oldest city is quite stimulating – old museums, churches, wishing bridges, clock towers, sculptures, and charming bars & cafés. The list of things to explore in this new-old city is endless.

Jerusalem Beach

It is one of the favorite beaches of Tel Aviv loved by tourists and local Tel Avivians. It is located near some of the most popular and affordable hotels in Tel Aviv. You’ll get a chance to play the famous Israeli games, matkot (beach tennis), volleyball, swimming, and more. Jerusalem Beach is well-known for its shakes and juices, served along the beach shops. Visit Jaffa’s Arabic Bakery, Abulafia, and surprise your taste buds with delicious bread, cakes, and pastries.

Frequently Asked Questions :

A number of accommodation options are available for tourists in Tel Aviv, including guest houses, luxury suites, youth hostels, shared apartments, traditional hotels, and more. A more flexible and affordable option that travelers love to experience nowadays is staying in an autonomous hotel.
Facilities provided by autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv – rooms with kitchenettes, self-meal preparations, long-term stays without interruption, pet-friendly, contactless check-ins/check-outs, and much more.

Monochrome Autonomous Hotel accepts Master Card, American Express, and Visa. Cash is not accepted. If you are not from Israel, you are subject to a 17% value-added tax. However, guests on a tourist visa are exempt from this tax. To qualify for tax exemption, guests need to provide a valid passport while checking out.

Traditional hotels usually don’t let your furry friend in because of the mess they can create. But there is a place where you can stay freely along with your pet – autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive tourist spots in the world. However, if you are on a budget and have your trip well-planned ahead of time, you can save on many things and enjoy the charms of Tel Aviv on the cheap. For affordable accommodation, you can stay in an autonomous hotel or private rental. Moreover, try to eat at cafés – it’s cheaper. For city tours, many budget-friendly packages are available.

We all love our home. So, if you want to enjoy a homely experience, “a home, away from home” feeling, then staying in an autonomous hotel is a perfect choice. It is an affordable, clean, and comfortable accommodation option in Tel Aviv.

Staying in one of our autonomous hotels is the go-to option. Whether you are on a business trip, a solo traveler, a couple, a family with kids, or a large group, Loginn Hotels provides accommodation in six of its autonomous hotels. Our rooms are clean, comfortable, and budget-friendly, offering the best views of the White City near the panoramic beaches.

Our autonomous hotel pricing – For 2 guests 1 room, the price of our autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv ranges between ₪322 ($90) and ₪450 ($126) per night

Most hotels in Tel Aviv don’t allow pets to stay together with their owners. But our autonomous hotels are pet-friendly. We welcome cats and dogs to stay.

What’s in Tel Aviv that’s not admirable – mesmerizing beaches, panoramic city views, cultural heritage, delicious seafood, or clean accommodation? Everything in Tel Aviv is worth every penny. You must visit Tel Aviv at least once, and don’t worry about the accommodation. Contact Loginn Hotels, and live in one of our autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a small city but full of charms and surprises – from the old Jaffa district to the tayelet (coastal strip) and everything in between. Rest assured, wherever you stay in Tel Aviv, many tourist attractions are in close proximity. Here are some of the best areas to rent hotels in Tel Aviv, such as Rothschild Boulevard, the Tayelet, Jaffa, Namal, Florentin, the Yemenite Quarter, and Neve Tzedek.

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