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Express check-in. Online reception. 100% TLV experience.
Reception is overrated
Online check-in. One app for everything.
Do you really want to pay for bored receptionists and a shitty breakfast?
Do you really want to pay for bored receptionists and a shitty breakfast?
Do you really want to pay for bored receptionists and a shitty breakfast?

With hyperactive partying, fashion, food, music, art, and beaches, 

every blink in Tel-Aviv is a second lost.

Loginn hotels were designed for TLV FOMO.


Autonomous Hotel Tel Aviv

Hmmm, what’s a autonomous hotel?

We’ve got zero receptions, outrageous locations,

and one app for everything – check-in/out, food ordering, schedule housekeeping. 

Don’t waste time/money on check-ins, soggy buffets, and room cleaning 5 times a day.

Just get out there.


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שאלות נפוצות

Undoubtedly, hotel booking in Tel Aviv is overwhelming. If you don’t know the right guy to book your accommodation, you might up staying in an expensive. Get in contact with Login Hotels. Our hotel booking process is as easy as pie. Open our website and select the hotel you want to stay in, along with the arrival date & check-out date & number of guests. After that, click on see availability. If the room is available, you can book it right away.


There are many sources using which you can explore the best hotels in Tel Aviv – the internet, tourist references, pamphlets, travel agents, and more. However, if you’re on a budget but want to stay in the best accommodation in Tel Aviv, contact us. Loginn Hotels manages six beautifully designed autonomous hotels providing all the basic amenities and home-like experiences that tourists need.


An autonomous hotel provides long-term housing to visitors and basic amenities. It offers contactless check-ins/check-outs with minimal to no interaction with staff. Tourists will enjoy a homely experience here – free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, private baths, hair dryers, and well-facilitated kitchenettes where they can prepare their own food. They are often booked for an extended period, say a week, a month, or more. If you want to learn more about autonomous hotels in Tel Aviv, contact Loginn Hotels.


If you want to book your stay in the best hotel in Tel Aviv, you can always contact Loginn Hotels. Their autonomous hotels are graded as number 1 for a number of reasons. They are budget-friendly with minimum to no interaction with the hotel staff. All basic amenities that you need to go through the day are provided, such as complimentary WiFi, flat-screen TVs, private baths, kitchenettes equipped with stovetops, small refrigerators, coffee makers, and much more. Our hotels are graded as “Home, away from Home.”

At Loginn Hotels, we don’t accept cash. We only deal in American Express, Master Card, and Visa. If you are from another country, booking one of our boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, you are subjected to a 17% VAT. However, guests on a tourist visa are exempted from this tax. To qualify for tax exemption, tourists need to give a valid passport while checking out.

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